BERGMANN Rådgivning

State Authorized Public Accountants


Major clients served since establishment include (click on the letters to expand):

  • A

    ABN Denmark ApS - Engineering activities and related technical consultancy


    Addasound Denmark A/S - Global top manufacturer and provider of wearable intelligent voice and unified communication device


    Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) - Leading international manufacturer of high and low voltage


    Arne Jakobsen - Leading architect from 1940-1970 in Denmark

  • B

    Bravissimo . Danish manufacturer of exclusive italian coffee


    BYD Denmark ApS

  • C

    Café Kellerdirk - One of Copenhagen nightlife largest live music places


    Canon Denmark A/S - Largest Danish supplier of print and copy-solutions


    Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

  • D

    Dagens Bedste ApS


    De Forenede Dampvaskerier -

    The second largest industrial laundry in Denmark


    Den Ny Spritfabrik A/S

  • E

    Erika  - Major Swedish life insurer


    Erik Magnussen Design - One of the leading designers of applied art in Denmark


    Eurotransgaznet A/S - Russian-German natural gas-distrubution system


    Express Container A/S


  • F

    Fisker-Knudsen - The families behind Fisker & Nielsen


    Fortuna Lichtenstein - Major Swiss life insurer


  • G

    Generali - Major Italian life insurer


    Gladsaxe Gymnasium


    Glebors Media ApS - China based financial news and network


    Green My Day ApS


    Gymnasieskolernes Lærerforening - The only trade organisation for 11.000 Danish High School teachers

  • H

    Hamburg-Manheimer (ERGO) - One of the leading life insurance companies in Germany


    HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung A6 -

    German travel insurance company


    Heimdallr ApS - China based company, research and development within science and technology


    Hesalight A/S - Lightning solutions


    H.K.T.K ApS

  • L

    Light Extraction ApS - Manufacture od novel nano-patterning and nano-structuring service for applications in photonics, optoelectronics and other areas


    Lloyds Syndicate

  • M

    Malaco-Lagermann - Leading manufacturer of liquorice in Denmark


    Malmø Stadsteater - Tax advicing concerning transfer of musicians in the Øresund region


    Ming Yang Wind Power European R&D Center ApS


    Nordicom - Danish public quoted Real Estate Company

  • N

    Nano Denmark ApS - World-leading supplier of NIL materials. for micro-/nano-fabrication


    Noa Noa ApS


    Ny Carlsberg Foundation - Largest art collector in Denmark

  • O

    Orrefors glass - Leading Swedish manufacturer of exclusive articles

    Ostangler Brandgilde Versicherung -

    German insurance company

  • P

    Plastic Surgeons - Leading plastic surgeons based North of Copenhagen


    Polyteknisk Forening


    Precious ApS


    PT-Fundering A/S - Major Danish construction business


    Polar Is - Leading Danish manufacturer of popular ice-cream

  • R

    Rastow Dental A/S - One of the largest dentist suppliers in Copenhagen


    Restaurant Skipperhuset - Well-known restaurant at Esrum lake


    Royal Bintjes - Leading international manufacturer of margarine


    Leading restaurants in Tivoli - the number one amusement park in Denmark



  • S

    San Benedetto - Leading manufacturer of Italian soft-drinks


    Scheel & Orloff - One of the leading real estate brokers in Copenhagen


    Schmidt & Strandstoft ApS (Wolford)


    Shenzhen Maxonic Automation


    Soltech ApS


    Stelton - Leading Danish manufacturer of applied art products


    Sterilance Medical (Europe) ApS - Manufacturer of medical and dental instruments

  • T

    Th. Olesen - Second largest importer of fruit and vegetables



    Thomas Castberg Larsen


    Tour & Andersson - Leading Swedish manufacturer of air-conditioning and ventilation plants/equipment


    Transinvest Bank - Middle-sized Russian bank specialized in finanzing of powerstations

  • X

    Xinxua News Agency - China based media company

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